St. Mark's Square in Venice

Described as one of the most picturesque places to sit in all of Europe, Piazza San Marco is the result of a multitude of creative, artistic and engineering feats. In this spot an equal amount of history and commerce took place, and some continues to this day. This piazza is a perfect photo opportunity for newlyweds, an experience to relive on your anniversaries with your children and grandchildren.

Two lovebirds sitting at Caffé Florian sipping cappuccinos and enjoying the music of Vivaldi is a hard act to beat. You will not only delight in the spectacular view of San Marco's Basilica with its golden dome, but also hundreds of pigeons will come flocking around you to be witnesses of the love you have for each other.

A great winged lion on a clock tower guards St. Mark's Square with a stern and fierce countenance. Winged lions make more than cameo appearances all over the city of Venice in various reliefs, sculptures and paintings. Centuries ago, a live State Lion was actually kept in a golden cage in the center of St. Mark's Square. The lion is to Venice what the bald eagle is to the United States. Long ago the Venetians adopted the apostle Mark as their patron saint,represented by a winged lion. This creature came to symbolize Venetian power and stood as a reminder of the ever-watchful eye and presence of Venice over its conquered territories.

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